About Us 

      Medicinal Melodies LLC provides Music Therapy, Child Life services and meditation/spiritual and emotional support services to the greater Los Angeles area in the form of group, family and 1:1 therapy sessions.


      Medicinal Melodies provides psychosocial support to individuals across the lifespan ranging from pregnant women and premature infants to older adults at end of life.  Sessions are individualized and tailored to meet the needs of each unique individual by way of emotional, psychological, psychical, physiological, cognitive, social and spiritual support.  Healing is promoted through music therapy interventions, creative arts, counseling, the therapeutic relationship, meditation and other empowerment and self-discovery focused methods. 

Medicinal Melodies also provides clinical supervision and continuing education courses for Board Certified Music Therapists. 


Jenna Bollard, MA, MT-BC, CCLS, RMT

   Founder and manager, Jenna Bollard is dually certified as a Board Certified Music Therapist and Certified Child Life Specialist and provides support to individuals with diverse medical, emotional and mental health needs.  


   Jenna has additional specialty certifications in NICU Music Therapy and Neurologic Music Therapy along with certification in Sound Birthing (Music Therapy Assisted Child Birth). Jenna's psychotherapy approach is informed by humanistic and transpersonal philosophies. 

Jenna is additionally certified as a Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Practitioner, is certified in crystal healing and also as a Meditation Instructor as recognized by the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association. Jenna has a passion for existential philosophy and energy work and has thoroughly studied the effects of mindfulness and meditation. 

    Medicinal Melodies travels to various medical facilities and homes to provide therapy services. Jenna facilitates women's empowerment and healing groups and is available upon request to provide music therapy and meditation groups during retreats and special events.


Medicinal Melodies provides a creative outlet for processing challenges and supports individuals in achieving optimal health of the mind, body and spirit.

  If you or someone that you love is in need of support please feel free to inquire about our services in the contact section. 

The Mission

Our mission is to inspire healing.  Our goal is to provide support to help others in discovering the healthiest versions of themselves possible. Our main mission is to help others feel seen, heard and understood and to support them in finding their resillience. We believe in the power of music, energy, meditation, community, creativity, nature, animals and the therapeutic relationship. We hope to create peaceful, therapeutic and motivating experiences to share with the world.  


Please Note (update as of June 2017)

Jenna is now working full-time as the Expressive Arts Therapies Manager at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital and is working hard to help build the Music Therapy and Art Therapy program there.  


Therefore, availability for services may be limited at this time.


Please see our events tab to see if there are any scheduled events that are of interest to you. You are also welcome to inquire about scheduling an individual session (while keeping patience around limited session availability in mind). 

 Jenna is always available for phone consultations and can help to refer patients to other Expressive Arts Therapists and additional resources as needed. Medicinal Melodies is connected to a wonderful network of other Creative Arts Therapists and will provide appropriate referrals upon request. 


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are in need of support!   

If you are interested, check out the development and progress of UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital's Expressive Arts Therapies program by clicking here. 

If you are interested in a Music Therapy internship under the supervision of Jenna, please find out more information here

If you would like to philanthropically support the UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital Expressive Arts Therapies program or volunteer, please contact Jenna at her UCLA email: jbollard@mednet.ucla.edu. 



Thank you for your understanding of our current availability, we will certainly do our best to accommodate and provide support! 

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Financial Flexibility 

All services can be provided on a sliding scale upon request. We want everyone to have the opportunity to join us and receive support regardless of your financial situation.  


Requests for reduced  pricing for any of Medicinal Melodies services will remain confidential. 


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