Mamabird Birthing 

Music Therapy Assisted Child Birth

What We Believe 

We believe that every birth and delivery story is unique yet all are deserving of a special, spiritual and supported experience. 


We believe that music, relaxation, energy work and introspection & expression promoting methods aid us in discovering a centered, grounded and trusting birthing experience.  

We believe that women are strong, resilient and fiercely loving and our main mission is to illuminate the power and resources that already exist within her.  

What is Mamabird Birthing? 

Jenna received her certification in the Sound Birthing Method in March of 2016 under the instruction of Music Therapy Assisted Child Birth guru and expert, Mary Dicamillo.

Jenna's approach to Music Therapy Assisted Child Birth is informed by the Sound Birthing Method and incorporates additional elements of meditation, relaxation and empowerment techniques into the birthing process and extends beyond prenatal and delivery to include postpartum support.   

Jenna's extensive experience working with premature infants and their caregivers on the NICU, PICU, maternity units, labor and delivery units and with mother's hospitalized on bedrest provides her with a specialized awareness and understanding of the medical setting which aids her ability to advocate for mothers and to maintain a calm and supportive atmosphere amidst  potentially chaotic and stressful situations. 

If you are interested in learning more about Music Therapy Assisted Child Birth and would like the support of Music Therapy during your pregnancy and birthing and postpartum please contact for more information/to schedule a consultation and to develop your Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth Plan. 

The Music Therapy Assisted Childbirth experience consists of an initial phone consultation, Music Therapy and practice session, the presence of the Music Therapist at the time of labor/delivery/birth and a postpartum Music Therapy session check-up. Each care plan will be individualized and specifically tailored to meet the needs of each family (if you request additional prenatal and postnatal sessions we will do our best to create a specialized plan for you! 

Currently, as Jenna gains more experience providing support during child birth, Medicinal Melodies' Mamabird Birthing provides MTACB (Music Therapy Assisted Child Birth) on an extremely discounted sliding scale ranging from $100-1500 for the entire experience. However, part of the Mamabird Birthing philosophy is the belief that all women deserve access to prenatal, delivery and postpartum support therefore, services may be complimentary on a case by case basis for those in need. If you or a loved one are seeking additional psychological support and symptom management during this process, we are here for you hands down. 

Medicinal Melodies is only available to provide in-person support during childbirth within the Southern California region/within one hour driving distance of Los Angeles County. However, we are also available for facetime and phone consultations/support services for those that reside outside of our geographic service area. 

If you live outside of the LA area and would like to be connected with a Sound Birthing Music Therapist for in-person support, please do not hesitate to reach out for a referral to another Music Therapist Certified in Sound Birthing.  

Mamabird Birthing Provides:

  • Reiki

  • Meditation

  • Co-creation of your baby's birthsong

  • Guided live sing-a-long of your baby's birth song after delivery during the magical bonding hour (with framed lyrics and recording for keepsake)

  • Co-creation of your own nightly prenatal music relaxation routine

  • Support during labor/delivery and/or prior to cesarean to promote empowerment and relaxation

  • Accessibility to text/phone/emails and scheduled 1:1 sessions leading up to the delivery and postpartum for emotional support and processing

  • Family support 

  • Postpartum processing through self-discovery and creative arts therapy interventions

  • Creation of a special Reiki infused birthing box during a prenatal session to promote empowerment and energetic balance for delivery and  lasting meaningful memories (includes affirmations, journaling, crystals/personalized symbolic objects and wishes and messages for your baby.

  • Individualized support and processing surrounding the incredibly complex and rich sea of emotions that can occur throughout the maternity experience.  

What is the Sound Birthing Method?


The Sound BirthingTM Method uses carefully designed music programs to create a birth experience that is calm, safe and supportive for the mother and child.

For more information about Sound Birthing please visit:

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