Distance Reiki

"It was to my delightful surprise how powerful and alined our synchronicity was that described my experience with the magnitude of Jenna’s distance Reiki session.


I even felt bouts of sensations days after!


Lucky to have had Jenna as my first Reiki practitioner, she carefully guided me, FaceTiming her alter which displayed uniquely energized crystals and candles she chose specifically for our session, and sharing her notes with me afterwards for a deeper grasp.


I was put at ease with Jenna’s thoughtfulness, as she made me feel cared for, safe, and anchored as a vessel of accepting flow of energy, while also affirming for an overflowing well of good health!"


-Desiree (Distance Healing Reiki Session from across town in Los Angeles)


“Jenna is extremely professional in guiding a first timer through the reiki process. She was compassionate, empathetic, and exceptionally knowledgeable with regards to any concerns, techniques, and in the after session description. This was exceptionally helpful during our distance session. She is a wonderful soul that aided in a new avenue of exploration for me, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.” -Tara (Distance Healing Reiki Session from Austin, TX)

Meditation Groups

Animal Lover Mediation


Jenna’s love for animals is palpable and infectious, and never more so than in attending her meditation group at Have A Heart Ranch & animal sanctuary in Santa Paula, California, where she parks her dreamy camper amongst a myriad of animals rescued from unthinkable situations, and living peaceful and fearless lives. Jenna guided us in a Spirit Animal Meditation as we enjoyed the sunset, hand fed bananas to pigs, cradled puppies and bearded dragons, and took time to find stillness in our busy lives. I left feeling incredible refreshed, and humbled by the shared experience of connectedness with people i’ve never met before - Jenna truly facilitates an open, positive and supportive space that feels cleansing, and downright good. -Kristina

Mountain Top Meditation

I have had the joy of being led in mindfulness meditation, and music & imagery meditation with Jenna on a breathtaking hike overlooking the Santa Monica mountains and Pacific ocean. Knowing Jenna as a therapist, I can’t help but appreciate how she creates space for profound self-discovery through gently encouraging vulnerability and introspection in a safe and grounded bubble of support. Her facilitation is genuine and never feels scripted, and she has a true gift for somehow providing exactly what you might need in the moment, whether it is through thoughtfully chosen music, deep empathy, or in providing a framework for appreciating the insane beauty and madness of life, and the rhythm of nature.-Kristina 

Reiki Certification Course

"Jenna is an experienced practitioner who blends her knowledge of music therapy and reiki into a beautiful combination of learning for her students. She is so gentle and encouraging during her trainings. And, her explanations of Reiki concepts really made sense." -Chelsea (Reiki Level I & II Certification Course-Los Angeles)

In-person Reiki

This was my first experience with Reiki and had no idea what to expect. I went inward from the very beginning and had some profound imagery come to the surface. The imagery that came up for me aligned with what was coming up for Jenna, and it was great being able process that with her.


-Jay (session in Jenna's Reiki Corner Los Angeles) 

"Jenna utilizes her incredible gift of Reiki and music into an immersive relaxation experience. I felt so much energy flowing through my body. I was incredibly relaxed and empowered after my session with Jenna. 


I felt like I worked through several past traumas and some heavy energy that I was carrying. I feel so cleansed and ready to create and play after my reiki session!"-Chelsea (session in Jenna's Reiki Corner Los Angeles)


Music Therapy & Child Life Services

I told Jenna, that in my next lifetime, I hope that I am given the ability to sing, and to be able to calm individuals anxieties through music. Jenna possesses these beautiful qualities. Jenna worked with me, and was part of the same team process that I was involved with at Roze Room Hospice of the Valley. Jenna replaced another music therapist who had moved out of state. It was a joy to work with Jenna. Jenna was always friendly, personable, and professional in her interactions. She has a beautiful voice, and I use to tell her all the time to try out as a contestant on "American Idol". Once, she and I conducted a joint visit together to see a patient who was not only under hospice care, but also this patient experienced intermittent paranoia, and hallucinations. Jenna's music comprehension, music delivered, and soothing, and caring approach not only helped to alleviate for the time being the patients psychosis, but allowed the patient to relax enough to sleep, and get needed rest. Jenna is very knowledgeable about how music affects different parts of one's brain, and how it can stimulate different pathways for reminiscence, in people inflicted by both stroke, and also by Dementia. Music is Jenna's true 'calling" in life, and she has brought much happiness to many patients and their families. It was a privilege to work with her, and I wish her nothing but continued success. I would recommend her in a heart beat! Whatever direction she chooses, she will succeed!


-Nicole R. Ashley, MSW


Clinical Supervision

Jenna has been my clinical supervisor for the past four months as I’ve been working to complete my required hours towards board certification within my Music Therapy internship. Jenna embodies a wealth of knowledge and experience in almost every clinical and nontraditional setting you can imagine, and manages to share her own experiences and insights in a way that is never patronizing, and always respectful and conducive to a thirst for new ideas and an investigation of oneself as a well-rounded clinician. She asks the hard questions, provides resources, and above all, has empowered me to be honest, and confident within my own personal journey towards supporting others. Jenna is especially thoughtful within areas in need of additional support within the field, such as supporting, and finding camaraderie with other professionals, and opening a dialogue about the repercussions, and “occupational hazards” of thriving within a helping profession. It has been undeniably inspiring to observe the mountains Jenna has moved as a therapist and even more rewarding to have the opportunity to share experiences, ask questions and discuss the steps towards tangible solutions to relatable problems within an environment that feels informed and guided. Jenna integrates individual experiences within supervision with a freshness and relatability that is thoughtful and personal.


-Kristina Casale, Music Therapy Intern at UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital


“Receiving supervision from Jenna has helped me to build my confidence in carrying out clinical work in a medical setting. My clinical experiences have helped me grow not only as a professional but as an individual. Jenna is very supportive throughout our internship journey. Our weekly group supervisions enable us to deeply process what we went through over the week and reflect both on our failures and success in our sessions. She emphasizes the importance of self care as a medical professional and always goes above and beyond to make sure we get the emotional support that we need both as an interns and for me personally, as an international student”. ~Sandra Cheah, MT-BC Berklee College of Music first MT intern at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital 


I truly enjoyed my supervision session with Jenna. I felt like we connected right away. She genuinely listened to me share where I was at in my practice and had a lot of great ideas and guidance to offer.  Jenna also provided me with reassurance regarding the scope of my practice, as well as, the amazing work that can come when combining music therapy and Reiki principles. I look forward to connecting again!  -Daiva Paskauskas

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