Wildflower Women 

    Weekend women's retreats in southern california. 

    Meditation, music, group process and discussion, creative arts, journaling, self-discovery exercises, crafting, vision boards, manifesting/intention setting and sharing. 


    Takes place in beautiful destinations such as Ojai, Malibu, Venice, Big Bear, Santa Barbara and Big Sur. Lodging and itinerary provided. 

Cost between $40-100 per person depending on the destination and cost of workshop supplies. TBA on an individual basis. Please see event page for upcoming retreats or inquire via email: jennabollardmusic@gmail.com 

Retreats typically run Saturday at noon-Sunday at noon.

Specific Dates and locations TBA (See Events Tab).

Senses of a Siren 

This workshop is for the Sirens of the Sea who feel the most at peace when near the water. This workshop takes place on the beach and involves a combination of healing modalities. Here women can come together to feel the wind in their hair, smell the salt air and feel the support of the ocean during this meditation, creative arts, sound healing and aroma therapy experience. 

A Multi-sensory experience:


Auditory: Sound healing, Tibetan Bowls, Chant and Song. 

Scent: Armoa Therapy facilitated by my mother and Advanced Certified Aroma Therapist, Joy Bollard of Aroma Joy Naturals. 

Sight- The views of the ocean and mountains and the visual experience of creating art. 

Touch- creating art with your hands. Feeling the sand between your toes. 

Session ends with toes in the ocean and closing breaths and affirmations/intentions. 

Session is 2.5 hours long. 

Cost is $40 

Date and Time TBA

Women of the Water

    Guided Music Meditation and Reiki healing group by the sea for women.

    Held at sunset on venice beach. Tibetan singing bowls, guided music meditation, reflection and discussion to follow.


Dates and times TBA.  Sessions are $30 per 1.5 hour group. 

Mountain Mama Meditation

    Hike in the mountains followed by mountain top guided music meditation and discussion.


Location and date TBA. $30 per session (45 minute meditation on mountaintop) and easy beginners level hike.

Mama's Melodies

A Healing and supportive lullaby writing workshop for expecting mothers-to-be or mothers with a newborn/infant. 

We will do a group meditation, song share and create individualized lullabies for the babies. 

We will also explore the use of developmentally appropriate music interventions to promote language development, bonding, relaxation and overall cognitive and social development. 

$30 per person for a one hour group workshop.

Dates and Times TBA 

Animal Lover Meditation

We frequently host meditation groups, creative arts workshops and women's circles at Love Always Sanctuary, an animal sanctuary in San Fernando, California where Jenna parks her camper, the Shanti Shack. During our Meditation events at the Shanti Shack and Love Always Sanctuary, there will be pigs, turkeys, chickens and all different kinds of animals roaming around and joining us in our meditation and healing circle. Participants will always have the opportunity to feed and hug the animals as part of the healing therapeutic experience. 

Keep an eye out for more events and women's groups held at the animal sanctuary or feel free to inquire about scheduling a private session and/or women's circle at this location.


Groups are facilitated by Jenna and supported by the board members of Love Always Sanctuary who will be available to help to educate participants on the rescue stories of the animals on the sanctuary and will provide participants with assistance and directions in feeding and interacting with the animals. 

Please Note:

All of our "women's groups" are open to all who identify as women and are trans-inclusive/LGBTQ inclusive. We believe in the power of women coming together to support one another in a healing space and we encourage discussions of gender roles and womens issues to be inclusive and open. Our groups are always a safe space. 

Please note:

All services can be provided on a sliding scale upon request. We want everyone to have the opportunity to join us and receive communal support regardless of your financial situation.  Requests for reduced  pricing for any of Medicinal Melodies services will remain confidential. 

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